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  • Duration (nights):
    • Adults:
      12+ years
    • Teenagers:
      12-15 years
    • Children:
      2-11 years
    • Infants:
      0-23 months



Check below available tours in Lebanon.  Rates include transportation, guide, entrance Fees when applicable, lunch & taxes. Below rates are per person with a minimum of four. 

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Beirut, Beiteddine & Deir Al Kamar $85/person

Visit Beirut and discover the lively Corniche, the Pigeon's Grotto and the renovated downtown. Continue to the National Museum. Built in 1930, the Museum houes a collection of ancient antiques covering about 60 centuries of history. Proceed to visit the Chouf Mountains. Stopover in Deir Al Kamar, the residence of the governers of LEbanon in the 16th-18th centuries. Enjoy your lunch in a local restuarant and then visit the Palace of Beiteddine with its decorated ceilings, colorful marble mosaics, luxurious Turkish baths, and Harem suites. 


Sidon, Tyre & Echmoun $80/person

Visit Sidon, the largest city in south of Lebanon and get introduced to the caravanserai, the old souks, the soap museum and the sea castle. Continue to Tyre and visit its different archelogical sites. To name few, the adqueduct, the triumphal arch, the hippodrome and the amazing necropolis. After this visit, you will be guided to have your lunch in a local restaurant. At the end, visit Temple Echmoun, the Phoenician God of Death, and Birth. 


Tripoli, Rachana & Balamand $80/person 

Visit Tripoli and explore the Crusader Castle of Stl Gilles, the old city with its narrow alleys, souks and mosques dating back to the Mamelluk and Ottoman times. Continue to Balamand monastery, which has been under the authority of the Orthodox Church since the early 17th century. Have your lunch in a local restaurant. Proceed to Rachana, which its name means the "Museum Village" as it was known for its sculptures made of wood, stone, granite or metal. 

Cedars, Bcharre & Qozhaya $80/person

Visit the famous cedars forest at 1800m attitude and more than 1500 years old. A drive will lead you deep down the holy valley for a visit of an old monastery built into the rock. Continue to Becharre, the birthplace of Gibran Khalil Gibran, Lebanese famous poet, artist and novelist. Stope for a lunch in a local restaurant. Continue to visit Qadisha Valley, one of the deepest and most  beautiful valleys in Lebanon and continue to the Monastery of St. Anthony Qozhaya. 

Jeita, Harissa & Byblos $90/person

Visit Jeita Grottoes, Lebanon natural miracle, made up of two separate caves. Then visit the magnificent statue of our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa. Continue to Byblos city, one of the oldest cities in the world. Byblos is credited with being the birthplace of the alphabet. Start your visit with a lunch then a guided visit to the archeological site featuring: the Crusader’s Castle, the Phoenicians temples, the Roman theatre, and the royal Necropolis. Visit of the old souk and baptistery of the Crusader church of St. John as well as the old harbor. 


Baalbeck, Ksara & Anjar $90/person

Visit the Bekaa Valley and Baalbeck, one of the Lebanese oldest Roman cities. After a visit of the temple of  Bacchus and Jupiter, proceed to Ksara for wine tasting session. Ksara is a natural wine cellar discovered by the Romans. Enjoy your lunch in a local restaurant and continue to Anjar, the only Omeyyad site in Lebanon from the beginning of the 8th century.